About Us

“The farther one gets into the wilderness, the greater is the attraction of its lonely freedom.”- Theodore Roosevelt

My name’s Anthony and I created Grill Game. Here’s why. 

Growing up, my Dad would take me bird hunting with him on the weekends. We’d wake up at 3AM and drive a few hours to one of his spots. We’d be out in the field walking before sunrise. I was six, and just there to walk all day and retrieve his birds. 

I knew better, but one day I made the mistake of asking one too many times how long until lunch. I already loved hunting, but lunch was still the best part of the day. My Dad told me if I asked again there wouldn’t be any lunch, and we kept walking. 

When lunch finally came, it was a big deal. My dad had two small BBQ’s going and a third burner for a side he made. We ate like kings. All out in the middle of nowhere in the high desert on BLM land hunting quail, chukar, or dove. 

Fast forward 20 something years and I started taking trips hunting and wheeling with my buddies instead of just my Dad. Lunch would roll around and these guys brought out cold sandwiches, cans of beans, and packs of weenies. I knew something wasn’t right.

Grill Game was created because I wanted to make the best BBQ possible regardless of the circumstances while out in the absolute middle of nowhere. Sometimes you have the time and resources to build a smoldering oak fire and reverse sear some Elk steaks. Sometimes you need to grill a dozen burgers in a hurry over propane. No matter the situation, circumstances, or resources, Grill Game is all about creating the most enjoyable BBQ possible when you find yourself lucky enough to be where others wouldn’t know to go.