Low and Slow Hoodie
Low and Slow Hoodie
Low and Slow Hoodie
Low and Slow Hoodie
Grill Game

Low and Slow Hoodie

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If you're out in the middle of no where around a campfire, odds are you've got some time on your hands. Why not take advantage with some Low and Slow action?


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Does it all

What was already the most versatile camp grill is now the complete overland package.

Beat the ban
Propane Fire Pit Kit

Once the grilling's done hook up the Fire Pit Kit. Hang out and stay warm. A great option to stay compliant when wood burning fires aren't allowed.

Stove Bar & KIC Mat

The Stove Bar drops your cooking right over the burner. Boil water or cook with a pot and pan more efficiently. The KIC Mat (Keep It Clean) is fire retardant to catch any stray embers or grease drips. When you're done it becomes part of the carrying case to ensure your rig stays clean.